Comfort and Privilege Together in Living Room Decoration: Fine and Sophisticated Details

What is the first detail that catches your attention in a luxury design? Remember, vanity is not always achieved by using products with maximal design. By choosing Elve Luxury products, which have a higher fine and sophisticated style, you can embrace the aura that unique designs will add to your home. We have created designs for you that will make you feel the luxury in more detail by using the following items:

  1. Products with an eye-catching, visual-fest appearance with fine metallic and shiny details.
  2. Quilted details obtained using the highest quality fabrics – Did you know that quilting is the most favorite style of the coolest designs this year?
  3. The perfect harmony of gray and smoke, which has a new generation aura
  4. The most stylish representation of luxury with the most impressive throw pillow designs and emblem details on the pillows.
  5. Exclusive sofa sets with circular-shaped edges
  6. More dynamic coffee tables with portable, rebuildable, moving parts that can be changed in appearance
  7. Stylish armchairs with modern and impressive images

How to Create a Sophisticated Luxury Look in Your Villa?

If you want the luxury decoration of your villa to be sophisticated, you first need to work with a furniture company that builds unusual designs. Elve Furniture does exactly that. Each of our exclusive, eye-catching designs are special in their details and contain lines and styles that you have never seen before. From our coffee tables to our armchairs, we capture a luxurious aura with originality in all our products that can attract your attention. Let’s examine a few examples:

  • Below you can see our product named Perla Center Table. Unlike ordinary products that you can see almost everywhere, Perla was created as a result of the combination of the fabric with a quilted design with metallic gold details. Combining two square profiles, these fabric detailed parts make the coffee table design sophisticated: Because special lines, styles, and pastel colors come together with the impressive nature of marble.
  • It’s time to meet Sole Center Table, which is a real wonder of design with its portable and impressive appearance. This product consists of three basic parts that you can use whenever you want. The inner side table designed by our expert designers in the form of an accordion for more comfortable and ideal use makes it possible for the entire design to be dynamic.

Luxury can be provided by products that can be personalized, tailored just for you. One of the first elements of a luxurious, fine and sophisticated design in your villa should be this dynamic Sole Table!

Large Wall Panels as TV Units: Luxury Looks for Your Villa Design

The holistic aura is extremely important in the sophisticated image. This is why you will love the TV units that we designed as a large wall panel for you. Perla TV Unit, one of our designs that will allow you to completely redesign a wall of your room, combines gold glossy details with quilted fabric, while also incorporating marble details to use the power of multitexture. At the same time, thanks to the wooden material used on the edges, the whole decoration can reach a warmer style.

This is exactly how a luxurious look is achieved.

A small tip: In general, fireplace areas can add an extra luxurious aura to your living spaces. Since these areas are a bit difficult to maintain, we recommend that you base on usefulness with a correct design. This is exactly what we aimed at in the designs of Elve Luxury. It is also possible to achieve a warmer aura with such warming areas that you can use in your living spaces, winter gardens (in-door), and hobby areas. If you want to design special fireplace panels and reinforce the luxurious aura in this way, do not forget that you can contact us!

Small tip 2: Do you want to capture an exclusive style in a sophisticated look, not in an avant-garde style? So make sure that gold and metallic textures are used in details, not in the entire product you buy. In this way, although the products and general decoration are eye-catching, they will continue to be cool.

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