Rebuild Your Villa with Elve Furniture: Feel The Luxury!

Are you a fan of flair as well as comfort in the home and villa decoration? Ok, Elve Furniture is just for you! The collections we produce using only privileged, high quality, and specially produced materials will make your villa look more impressive. Useful and exclusive living rooms, functional and long-lasting, sparkling accessories in dining rooms, multifunctional coffee tables and tables in living areas, TV unit, and sofa sets that create a perfect aura together.

It’s time to discover more. Let’s examine the tips of offering a luxurious design in villas with the inspiration we got from Elve Furniture’s expert designers!

Use Bright Objects Balanced for a Luxurious Image

Bright objects, glasses, and mirrors can create an exclusive ambiance in both living rooms and dining rooms where you can spend a pleasant time. Glowing corners made of stainless materials, TV units with impressive glass details, coffee tables offering a warm elegance by combining the power of wood and glass material, and more are waiting for you at Elve Luxury.

When viewing collections, use glassware, glossy details, and mirrors as follows:

  • Use exclusive dark colored glasses and mirrors in areas where you want it to appear wider. The black color adds an air of luxury to any room. For an even richer image, you can combine black with dark gray and gray colors. Bright areas will create a much wider perception of space by reflecting light.

Check out the image below where the black color is combined with gray to make it exclusive. While the details on the walls add an extremely stylish and unique aura to the room, the Velar Koleksiyonu with quilted detail used to complete the look has created a unique aura.

Recently, it has become extremely popular to combine decorative areas with glass and metal structures with textured fabrics and designs, thus achieving balance. You can also create such corners in your largest rooms in luxury villa design.

Maximal Preferences in Lighting and Round Line Decoration

Lighting has been used as a tiny detail of decoration for a long time. Well, do you think it is that ‘’tiny’’? As a matter of fact, decorating a luxury villa is largely about the correct use of light and a flamboyant combination of light sources. Nowadays, when we examine the trendy luxury decorative ideas, we see that the extremely maximal, large chandeliers are popular. At the same time, it is possible to say that the rounded edges that will prevail in chandeliers and sofa sets can create a more luxurious aura.

You can use the sofa sets, which have large sitting areas and create a warm atmosphere with their rounded edges, for your villas with large in-door winter gardens. These types of views will create a cozy and comfortable style that integrates with the garden.

Let’s take a look at the image below.

Metal-constructed chandeliers with an extremely large and maximal design rebuild the vertical perception by hanging from the high ceiling. The sofa set, which has a circular form similar to chandeliers, perfects luxury touches with its colors, metal, and shiny details.

Etra Koltuk Takımı, one of the impressive designs of Elve Luxury, was used in this image. The Sofa Set can add luxury touches to your villa thanks to the following features:

  1. An extra luxurious aura with cushions with the exclusive emblem
  2. A more comfortable sitting area thanks to the rounded edges
  3. Holistic design thanks to metallic and shiny details
  4. Always a more stylish look with exclusive color collections

Ready to discover more? You can easily buy the most preferred pastel color combinations on Elve Luxury.

Winter Gardens with Exclusive Villas

Did you know that you can use some of our products to design winter gardens in your luxury villa designs? Especially large coffee tables are used frequently for comfortable seating areas in winter gardens. In order to achieve a more cozy style in such environments, you can take a look at the fabric detailed coffee tables with exclusive designs that make a visual-fest look.

Here is the Botega Golf Center Table for luxury winter in-door gardens:

You can also choose Velar Orta Sehpa with its textured edges:

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